he importance of having a SSL Certificate for your website is a well-known feature for business websites but now it is almost a necessity for any other website were customers or readers login in with their information. It conveys to your visitors a sense of security, but most importantly of reliability, as people become more and more conscious of their online privacy. 

Up till now the SSL Certificate cost was an initial barrier for most website owners. It was just an added expense. Above that, the technical skills required to implement it were another major reason why most website owners did not bother to try and implement it. 

Well, today we have a very good news for you our dear WebHost.al customers. 

We’ve taken care of both the cost as well as the technical challenge of installing a SSL Certificate for your website. Starting from this month, the installation of a SSL certificate is just a few clicks away, and most importantly, it is FREE, for as long as you host with us. 

Sunday, March 31, 2019

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